Center for Local Government Leadership Academy

Local governments are going through a transition period. Many governments are experiencing retirements and staff reductions. This decreases institutional knowledge and increases everyone’s workload. This also heightens the need for governments to identify future leaders in their organizations. The Center for Local Government Leadership Academy was designed to address those needs.

Leadership Academy participants go through a six class curriculum, lasting from March until August, with a September graduation.  Topics that are covered include “Local Government 101,” “Managing Different Leadership Styles,” “Ethics,” “Finance and Budgeting,” “Human Resources Management,” and “Effective Communication Skills.”

Since the formation of the Leadership Academy in 2014, 75 staff members from CLG and Miami Valley Risk Management Association (MVRMA) communities have graduated. Five have been promoted to department head level positions. Another demonstration of the effectiveness of the Leadership Academy comes from the fact that many governments send people year after year. Eight of the twenty four participant of the 2017 Leader ship Academy came from governments with Leadership Academy alumni.

Registration is open to staff members from CLG member communities.  Registration materials are distributed every January.  More information can be found here.



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