Treasury asset management collaboration

The goal of TAMC is to offer a collaborative approach to professional portfolio management for local governments. Two investment firms work on this initiative: SJS Investment Consulting and Redtree Investments. Participants will be able to analyze the services of both firms to determine which investment approach is most appropriate for their entity’s investment needs. Each entity will have the option to set up separate investment accounts with the firms listed below. Below are descriptions of the services provided by each firm and their contact information.

NOTE: To participate in the Treasury Asset Management Collaborative, your government must be a Center for Local Government member.


                                     Redtree Investments

In today’s challenging economic landscape, public entities are increasingly faced with budget constraints. As a result, it is crucial to maximize investment earnings in order to make the most of available resources. However, accomplishing this task has become increasingly difficult, especially as public officials are asked to do more with limited funds.

Recognizing the difficulties you face; we are here to help. With our extensive resources, experience, and expertise, we can assist you in developing an investment strategy that is tailored to your needs. Working closely with your team, we will create a portfolio of investments designed to maximize interest earnings while ensuring safety and liquidity.

Investment Management Services

  • Portfolio Management and Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Bond Proceeds Management
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Comprehensive Accounting and Reporting
  • Training and Education
  • Investment Policy Reviews

We’ve been working with public entities for over 20 years, our team brings nearly 100 years of combined expertise in the investment industry. Currently assisting over 250 clients, we are committed to excellence and delivering results. Trust us to maximize your investment potential while prioritizing safety and liquidity. Partner with us to optimize your investment strategy and achieve your goals.

Contact Information

Joe Violand, CFA, FRM

Portfolio Manager

RedTree Investment Group

5050 Section Ave Suite 420

Cincinnati, OH 45212        

Toll Free: (888) 596-2293

Direct: (513) 834-6708



                                 SJS Investment Consulting                                                            

Founded in 1995, SJS Investment Consulting, Inc. is an independent registered investment advisory firm located in Sylvania, Ohio. Since 2005, the SJS team has advised and managed portfolios for public entities, including school districts, villages, cities, counties, health care consortium groups, sewer and water districts, and waste authorities. SJS understands the challenges that public entities face in terms of cash flow uncertainty, educating “oversight” members, and time constraints – all while attempting to maximize portfolio returns. SJS considers the individual needs of each entity while developing solutions to keep the investment process on track.

As part of our initial assessment, SJS reviews an entity’s Investment Policy Statement and analyzes its cash flow history. SJS also provides a summary report reviewing portfolio risk, the current investment strategy and/or holdings, and performance relative to a benchmark. On an ongoing basis, SJS partners with our public entity clients to:

  • Establish risk/return expectations;
  • Build awareness of ongoing liquidity needs;
  • Set performance benchmarks;
  • Transition portfolio to targets, considering duration and security type/issuer;
  • Execute transactions, on either a discretionary or non-discretionary basis;
  • Calculate quarterly performance and compare to benchmarks;
  • Rebalance portfolios as needed; and
  • Prepare reporting and communicate process/strategy to Oversight Committees

Contact Information

Kirk Ludwig
SJS Investment Consulting, Inc.
6711 Monroe Street
Building IV-Suite A
Sylvania, Ohio 43560

P: (419) 885-2626
F: (419) 885-2236
Toll Free: (800) 434-4406