justified use of force simulator

The Center for Local Government’s Judgmental Use of Force System (JUFS) Training Program is a police officer training program designed to help police officers improve both the speed and quality of their “Shoot/Don’t Shoot” decisions. Central to the training is the use of a Firearms Training Simulator, an interactive video simulator which is programmed with hundreds of scenarios drawn from real cases. This equipment allows trainers to present trainees with use of force situations in a protected environment that lets them react, then observe and analyze the results of their actions.

The JUFS Operations Committee, composed of representatives from the participating jurisdictions and The Center, oversees the maintenance and scheduling of the training equipment. In addition, each participating community has at least one officer who has been trained as a JUFS trainer, and all of these officers continue to meet regularly.

All of the JUFS simulators were updated in 2013.                                

JUFS Group A Schedule  

JUFS Group B Schedule