W.D. Heisel Memorial Scholarship

W. Donald Heisel August 14, 1914 - September 29, 1998

Donald Heisel was referred to in a 1988 article in The Cincinnati Enquirer on public administration as “The Father of Public Administration” in Southwest Ohio. The reference was an acknowledgment of the number of public administrators whose professional development had been assisted by Don Heisel. Mr. Heisel’s students and mentees are still to be found in many of the cities, villages, townships, and counties in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Many others were trained by his protégés.

The W. Donald Heisel Scholarship serves to encourage a commitment to excellence in public service, continuing the legacy of Don Heisel’s commitment to his students and to his community. The fund is managed by the Board of Trustees of the Center for Local Government. 

The Heisel Scholarship is awarded annually to a local graduate level student who has a passion and a career intention relating to local government management.  A winning scholarship candidate must be accepted into a Masters of Public Administration graduate school program at an accredited college or university.   They should have the ultimate goal of seeking a career in local government management (e.g. City Manager, Township Administrator, County employment, etc.).  It is preferable that the candidate is either currently seeking or holding a job in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, or Greater Dayton area.

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2024 W.D. Heisel Scholarship Application

Past Scholarship Recipients

2004 – Sara Imhulse – Northern Kentucky University

2005 – Trina Porter – Northern Kentucky University

2006 – Christine Thompson – Northern Kentucky University

2007 – Katie Smiddy – Wright State University

2008 – Tom Vanderhorst – Wright State University

2009 – Dustin Lester – Northern Kentucky University

2010 – Susan Ellerhorst – Northern Kentucky University

2011 – Kyle Kridler – Wright State University

2012 – Michael Spafford – University of Dayton

2013 – Skylor Miller – University of Dayton

2014 – Alvina Sayani – University of Dayton

2015 – Aubrey Hale – The Ohio State University

2016 – Christina Ingle – Northern Kentucky University

2017 – Mike Brill – Wright State University

2018 – Austin Lee – Northern Kentucky University

2019 – Syeda Bahar – Wright State University

2020 – Michele Adams – Northern Kentucky University

2021 – Corey Foister – Northern Kentucky University

2022 – Laura Zeck – University of Dayton

2023 – Amy Martin – Northern Kentucky University