Electricity Consortium

The CLG electricity consortium is a joint bid for the electricity supply costs for government facilities and streetlights. The program started in 2010, and immediately saved a combined $590,000 (or 40% of electricity costs for the participating communities). The deal was renewed in 2012, 2014 and 2017- with increased savings each time.

The most recent electricity consortium bid was completed in early 2023 for 36 months. With this most recent bid, the consortium was able to add another $20,000 in savings for the participating governments. The broker for this program is AGE Energy.  The supplier is IGS Energy.  Governments can join this consortium “mid-contract.”  They will be individually priced, and would then roll into the next group bid.

Governments have the opportunity to either bid for a “combined” electricity rate (which prices buildings and streetlights at the same rate), or a “separated” rate (which provides a separate price for buildings and streetlights).  For the 2023 contract, the “combined” rate is $.06245/kwh.  



Governments in the 2023 contract include

Amberley Village

Blue Ash



Lincoln Heights

Little Miami Joint Fire and Rescue District




North College Hill

Pierce Township