Membership Eligibility

Any City, Village, Township, County, Joint Fire District or Park District located in Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clermont, Montgomery, Greene, Clinton, Brown, Preble, and Miami is eligible for Center membership. For governments in the membership area (the counties listed above), there are two classes of membership.

Voting Member:  Any political subdivision, located in the CLG membership area) which employs a full-time, appointed public administrator (e.g. City Manager, Township Administrator, Safety-Service Director)


Non-Voting Member:  Any political subdivision, located in the CLG membership area, which does NOT employ a full-time, appointed public administrator (e.g. “strong mayor” communities)

Non-Voting Members are entitled to all of the rights of Voting Members except that they are not entitled to a vote on Center corporation matters and they are not eligible for membership on the Board of Trustees.  ALL Voting & Non-Voting members are eligible to participate in any CLG program that is brought online.

Affiliate Membership is the third membership category.  Affiliate members are communities OUTSIDE the CLG Service Area who wish to participate in CLG’s Health Insurance Pool.  Affiliate Membership is also available to Councils of Governments located anywhere in the State who wish to join the Health Insurance Pool.  The only CLG service available to Affiliate Members is the health insurance pool. If a community INSIDE the CLG Service Area wishes to join the Health Insurance Pool, they must join as either a Voting or Non-Voting member.

Membership shall be effective upon receipt of membership dues from the jurisdiction.

Membership Dues

Membership dues levels are determined by the size of your community’s operating budget.  Membership dues are annual, but are pro-rated for governments who join mid-year.

Operating Budget                  Annual Dues

County governments:                $7,500

$4-$100 million:                           $3,825

$2-$4 million                                   $2,000

Under $2 million                            $1,225

Affiliate Membership Rate:      $750

Center Governance

The Center operates under the direction of an elected volunteer Board of Trustees.  Board members serve for staggered three-year terms and receive no compensation for their services.  Please click here for the current Board of Trustees.

To Join

Please contact T.J. White, Executive Director, at or (513) 741-7999 or click here to fill out an online application.