Spot Surveys

Center for Local Government members have the ability to request a “spot survey”; a short questionnaire that is distributed among CLG’s membership in order to gain quick insights into what other area communities are doing on a particular issue.  As an example, a member government could request a survey related to operating hours of other communities’ town halls as a precursor to adjusting their own hours. 

A government will have the ability to view real-time results for the survey requestor. This is in addition to a complete report that is provided at the end of the survey window. Typically, there are about 45 surveys distributed per year and an archive of recent surveys is available in the member log-in section.  

Examples of recent spot surveys:

20-13 COVID-19 Responses Final

20-21 Vacant Building Licence Programs (Lockland)

20-28 Normal City and Town Hall Operating Hours (Lockland)

20-40 TIF Funds and SB4 (Pierce Township)