September 18, 2020, joint CAMA Fall Meeting / CLG Annual Business Meeting

The Joint CAMA Fall Meeting and the CLG Annual Meeting.


CLG Board members are focused on helping all of our members become the most efficient jurisdictions in the Universe :).


Best Practices

We design all projects based on the best thinking.

Data Sharing

We provide two roles for access: User and Admin.


We have built channels to keep all members informed . And will continue to do so for as long as we serve


All members are dedicated to positive legislation

Data Digging

Our members count on us to provide insight in to the numbers. Our members count on us to provide insight in to the numbers.


We constantly offer training events dedicated to the needs of our members.

services we offer

Member Focused

Our staff is truly member focused and give the all-important…

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Payroll Data

Our staff will provide meaningful data …

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Human Resources

Our job listings help members find help quickly…

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Key Focus

Our key focus ensures peace of mind…

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Quick Response

Our staff responds quickly…

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Event Management

Event Management is a highly diverse area of operation requiring customer…

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