In order to provide an alternative to cash purchase or other form of costly financing such as a lease purchase or a small stand alone bond issue, the Center for Local Government, RW Baird & Co., Inc. and Peck, Shaffer & Williams LLP have created the CLG Capital Asset Financing Program.

The program will:

  • Allow several communities to combine their borrowing needs in such a manner that they may enjoy better interest rates and lower administrative costs.
  • Permit the financing of “Capital Asset” purchases over a 1 to 25-year period based on asset life.
  • Reduce interest cost because of credit enhancements on the financing pool and the efficiencies provided by a larger single issue of debt compared to smaller multiple issues of an independent member.
  • Allow communities that cannot afford large capital outlay to spread the cost of capital assets over time.
  • Minimize the time and effort required when borrowing using traditional methods.

For more information or to request a meeting, please contact:
Mike Burns
RW Baird & Company
(614) 629-6963
mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.