Health Insurance Pool

The Center for Local Government Benefits Pool (CLGBP) was formed in 2009 as a self insured pool for health insurance.  Rates are set on a community basis at an actuarial level that is expected to cover the claims, administrative costs, pooling, stop loss and reserves. Unlike a fully insured model, the insurance company no longer determines the rates; the pool does. Members can choose up to three plans and we have total flexibility for determining HDHP plan year for deductible accumulation.

Claims are not tracked by each pool member. Therefore, all participating CLG members will be truly pooled and not responsible for their own individual claims experience, but rather a prorated portion of the entire pool’s claims. Renewals will be levied with adjustments of an equal amount to those members in each plan design.

Current Participating Members are:

Amberley Village

Anderson Township

City of Bellbrook

Village of Cleves

City of Deer Park

Village of Fairfax

Village of Glendale

Village of Indian Hill

City of Loveland

Village of Mariemont

City of Milford

City of Mt. Healthy

City of North College HIll

Village of Silverton

City of Springdale

City of Trotwood