Code Bank

Welcome to the Center for Local Government Code Bank. This resource provides access to policies and procedures shared by our member governments on a variety of topics. Codes in the code bank are collected at the request of CLG member governments. The codes displayed here are collected by spot surveys and are updated sproadically throughtout the year as more surveys are requested by governments:

COVID - 19 Policies

Compensatory Time Policies (updated 2017)

Credit Card Policies (updated 4/2019)

Employee Evaluations (updated 2016)

Indigent Burial (updated 7/2018)

Investment Policies (updated 2014)

Leave Policies (updated 2016)

Leave Request Forms (updated 1/2018)

Mayor's Court Fee Schedules (updated 2016)

Medical Marijuana (updated 7/2018)

Organization Charts  (updated 1/2019)

Police Budgets (updated 4/2019)

Personnel Manuals (updated 2017)

Planning & Zoning Fee Policies (updated 2017)

Social Media Policies (updated 2014)

Tuition Reimbursement Policies (updated 2018)

Uniform Policies (updated 2009)



In addition to what is displayed here, CLG has also collected policies and procedures for the following topics. Please note that in some of these instances, the document may be old, or there may only be a copy from one member community. If you are a memeber community, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to request copies.

Identify Theft Programs

Janitorial Service Bids

Outdoor Lighting Regulations

City Engineer RFPs

Windown Tint Ordinances